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What is the NVKT?
The NVKT founded in 1949, is the only platform in the Netherlands that promotes individual and collective interests of start-up and experienced agents, importers and distributors in the clothing and textile industry. At national and international level. The NVKT currently has 100 members. The NVKT affiliated with VNHI, The Federation of Dutch Trade Agents and Importers is the association for the self-employed commercial agent, importer and broker in The Netherlands.

What is an agent?
An agent mediates between his or her client (principal) and third parties. Usually based on commission.

What is an agency agreement?
Rights and obligations are set out in an agency agreement with an agent and his client (s). Please consider issues such as commission, exclusivity, field representation, termination of the contract and compete.

What is an importer?
As an importer, you buy goods in by yourself and a (foreign) supplier sells the goods on their own account.

What is an importer contract?
In an importer contract (or only sales agreement) are rights and obligations recorded between an importer and his client (s). This contract may include things such as exclusivity, field representation, the consequences of termination of the contract.

What is a distributor?
The function of a distributor is usually equal as the function of a importer.

How much is the commission?
Depending on the industry and volume of the order ranging from 7-12%.


How can I become a member of the  NVKT?
You can join the NVKT if you are a Dutch agents, importer or distributor in the clothing and textile industry.

You can fill out the form below to become a member:

Do’nt forget to add an extract from the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. Without it we can not process your request.

What are the rates of the NVKT membership?

Regular membership
€ 335, – (excl. VAT and one-time entrance fee of € 50, -) per calendar year. The membership is automatically renewed each year.

Trial Membership
Are you less than 3 years as a registered agent, distributor or importer of the Chamber of Commerce, then you are eligible for a trial membership. The contribution of the trial membership is € 170, – (excl. VAT and non-recurring costs of entry fee € 50, -). The membership is automatically renewed each year.
The trial membership lasts for 12 months and automatically turns into a regular membership, unless at least 3 months before the end of the trial membership the membership is canceled in writing.

How can I stop my membership?
If you want to stop the membership you can send a us a letter (or email) at least three months before the end of the calendar year (September)


How can I place an ad with the NVKT?
You can place an ad in one of the following communication: NVKT website NVKT newsletter or direct mail. The ad text and the images should be in high resolution delivered digitally through You’ll receive an invoice for the services to be provided. We ask you to pay this immediately. Only after receipt of payment the ad will be placed.

What are the rates for placing an ad in the NVKT?

Click here for rates.
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